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Meet Daytona Beach Mom

We are the premier parenting resource for what every mama needs in Greater Daytona Beach. We are an aspirational modern online magazine. 

Meet Jeri 

Daytona Beach native Jeri Delgado is a wife, proud mom, and appellate attorney. From winning the Taekwondo Jr. Olympics at age 10, to playing college soccer, sports have always played a huge role in Jeri’s life. Motherhood is no different. Jeri continues to use the lessons learned in sports everyday as a mother. Now her primary (and favorite) sport is chasing her boys around town. The rest of her time she spends writing (both legal and nonlegal), photography, and playing tennis. 

Meet Melissa 

Melissa lives in Ormond Beach with her husband, Jared, and their young daughters, Adeline and Marlowe. Hailing from Connecticut, Melissa moved to Miami after studying fashion in Rhode Island.  While living in the “Magic City,” she fell in love with Cuban food and her husband (in no particular order), and then got married and had a baby. In 2015, Melissa decided to take a step back from her career in fashion to focus on her new role, becoming a mom to Adeline. She and her new family relocated to Greater Daytona Beach, where she really connected to the refreshing beach-town vibe. Melissa is currently a stylist to the stars (aka her daughters) and hopes to share her experiences with a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants (slash) research every little detail approach to motherhood. She enjoys exploring new places with her family, and whipping her tennis game into shape so she can play against Jeri. 

Our Ethos

In a world of celebrity endorsements, sponsored posts, and paid influencers, we have learned that people crave authenticity more than ever. Blogs and online publications make money through endorsing products or paid content, and we feel they lack in truly connecting with their audience when their “opinion” is guided by money. We want our word to mean something. We’ve discovered that moms in our community are not looking for picture perfect ads or overly produced digital experiences – they want organic inspiration and validation. That is why we are committed to providing “real and organic’ content that will not be “perfect and packaged.” Our recommendations and endorsements are our own, because we believe in unbiased brand authenticity. 

Does Daytona Beach Mom get paid for product recommendations?

No. We do not get paid for our product recommendations. However, we may make a small percentage of anything you buy from links you clicked from any products from Daytona Beach Mom. That commission is what helps fund our website and makes our site possible.