My Joovy ZoomX2 was provided to me free for my honest review, and as always, all opinions and images are my own. I only work with brands I love and think that you will too. 

There is nothing better than being on an outdoor adventure as a family. Except when your four-year-old gets tired and you end up holding the baby in one hand while pushing the four-year-old with the other. There is a better way! Meet the Joovy ZoomX2 double jogger.  I knew as soon as the Joovy ZoomX2 arrived that my only mistake was not getting this Cadillac of strollers sooner. 

Surprisingly, this stroller doesn’t leave the trunk of my car because I take it everywhere. My eldest loves jumping in when he is tired, pulling his own shade down, reclining back, and enjoying the ride. Meanwhile the baby is ecstatic to be riding next to his big brother. So whether it’s a trip to the zoo, the local gardens, or a jaunt around the neighborhood, the Joovy XoomX2 is something I don’t know how we ever lived without. Here are some of the standout features:

Intelligent Design

I continue to marvel at the intelligent design of this stylish stroller. It is so easy to push and maneuver thanks to the swiveling front-tire (which also can be locked).  For all the Disney moms out there, it meets the Disney world stroller size requirement as long as the front wheel is in unlock mode. So without a doubt, this stroller will be accompanying us on our first trip to the most magical place on Earth. 

Extra Light Weight & Easy Fold

It baffles me that this stroller weighs only 30 pounds. That is the same weight as my other single strollers. In addition to its lightweight, you can fold this one-handed (while holding a baby – I know I’ve done it). 

Comfortable Fit

The thing about having kids at such different ages is that I needed a stroller that could accommodate their respective sizes and stages. The Joovy ZoomX2 does an excellent job in doing that. Both kids are able to sit comfortably and securely in the soft wide seats, with plenty of room to grow as each seat supports a child up to 50 pounds. Both seats are also independently adjustable from an upright position to a full recline. But my four-year-old’s favorite part is that he can recline under the large canopy for some shade to escape the Florida sun. 

It’s A Luxury Ride 

It’s a luxury ride thanks to the extra large bicycle tires, this stroller rides better than any stroller I’ve ever owned (and I’ve owned an embarrassing amount of strollers). Every crevice and corner of this stroller is made to make life easier and it does. 

Giant Storage Basket 

The basket underneath is huge. To the dismay of my minimalist husband, I can fit everything: my diaper bag, camera, towels, and anything else I might need for the day. In fact, the storage basket can hold up to 15 pounds. I no longer have to sort out which things don’t make the cut (which always makes me nervous). I love having everything right where I need it, easily accessible.

Easy Brake System

The brake system is easy to use with your foot when you are parking the stroller in a secure location. It is just as easy to disengage the brakes when you are ready to roll again. 

Standout Accessories 

Two standout accessories are the wheel pump and parent organizer. The parent organizer is sleek and functional with two cup holders and a zipper pouch for belongings. And it’s great to know that if I needed to adjust the tires, I have a pump handy. Just like the bells and whistles in a Cadillac, it’s these features that make the Joovy rise above the crowd. 

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