When it comes to organization, one word comes to mind: a chore. At a certain point I’ve become so inundated with stuff that I can’t dig my way out. So before I find myself on an episode of hoarders, I decided to enlist the help of an organization expert, my dear friend Kate Randall

Get Neat With Kate

Kate has a sharp eye for creating organized spaces. She clears the clutter replacing it with stylish tools to keep your space functional and organized. So you can finally appreciate the space in your home. 

Despite wanting the help (okay desperately), the night before she came over I found myself intimidated and crippled with anxiety. Letting someone into my closet, or more accurately, my personal disaster area, felt personal and left me vulnerable. I couldn’t continue to live this way.  I put my trust in Kate. 

1. Closet Goals 

We began with a general discussion of my closet goals, the process, and expectations. That meant we were going to purge a lot of my things to create a usable closet that had actual functional flow. Throughout the entire process she communicated different ideas and tips, for my closet, playroom, and new way of life. She made me feel like she enjoyed the process and took it as seriously as her own home.

She gave me one off-handed tip that changed my house. She suggested that I open the blinds to the river in my living room and leave it unencumbered. It changed the mood and entire ambience of my entryway and downstairs. Such a simple tip changed the focal point of my home from toys to the river. That’s when I knew – this girl knew her stuff. My tennis partner was serving aces in my home. 

2. “It’s a Start”

It’s a phrase she repeated through the process. And I took it to heart. From my closet and beyond, it carried me through. Each new space I took the attitude it’s a start. It motivated me to keep going and keep trying.

The confidence she gave me inspired me to tackle projects when she wasn’t there, like my bookcase, and even my kitchen. It didn’t end up perfect, but I kept telling myself “it’s a start.”

3. It’s a Visual Thing 

I realized organizing my space should not be a chore. Kate showed me it should be simple. She helped me transform my space into visual delights. Seeing the transformations became fun. 

4. The Job is Never Finished 

As I began organizing space in the home with Kate, I learned you never really finish organizing. And that is completely okay. Your space evolves with you. You keep reorganizing your space to meet your needs and to make it sustainable. For instance, clothes you wear most often should not be kept in hard to reach spaces. Rather, the clothes you use most often should be in accessible space. 

5. Intuitive Organization 

I was super worried I wouldn’t be able to maintain the organization. And now that my before photos are public, you can see why. Shockingly I did it, and continue to maintain the organization created by Kate. That is because the organization she created is intuitive –  making it sustainable, efficient, and easy to use. Incredibly she worked within the space that I had, without any restructuring. It’s something I never could have done alone. 

6. A New lifestyle 

Now that I’ve been living a more organized life, thanks to Kate, I can’t imagine going back to the way I was. 

Visually, leaving behind the hectic mess and actually being able to see my clothes is what I love the most. I’ll never be a Marie Kondo. But I can appreciate this new lifestyle of having a clean space and a clean mind. Not only did Kate organize my space – she organized my lifestyle! And I’m so thankful for that.

To learn more about how you can Get Neat With Kate, visit her Instagram

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