I partnered with Medela for a review and received a product to facilitate that review. All opinions are my own. 

A mother’s currency is her time. Which is why an efficient breast pump makes all the difference in the world. The better the breast pump the more freedom you have as a mom. I was unhappy with my previous pump and I was so thrilled to try the new Medela Pump In Style With MaxFlow

There are many reasons you need an efficient pump. Whether you pump all the time or exclusively breastfeed, a pump allows someone else to feed your baby when you are not around. The Medela Pump In Style With MaxFlow gave me the freedom to have a few hours away from my little one. Here are some of my favorite features:

It’s A Closed System With Overflow Protection

This is so very important because it prevents milk from entering the tubes and keeps the pump parts hygienic. If anything should happen to my tubing, I knew that by choosing Medela it would be easy to obtain replacement parts as they are on Amazon and sold by every major retailer, such as Walmart, Target, and Buy Buy Baby.  

More Milk Production

I knew this pump was going to be special when I learned it was inspired by the hospital-grade Symphony Pump. It is. Medela states on the website that the new Pump In Style is clinically proven to increase milk volume by 11.8%. Of course I was skeptical, but I found this statistic to be true for myself. In part because this powerful pump eliminated my main stressors during pumping. It became more comfortable to pump and I now had the option to pump on the go. 

Pump On The Go 

With the Pump In Style, you have options. You can use it by plugging it into a power adapter or by a battery pack. For me, the option for a battery back was liberating. All the pump parts, including the cooler and accessories easily fit in the stylish tote. So you can pump conveniently at home or on the go. 

Powerful, Efficient, & Compact 

Weighing in at just over a pound, this pump is equal parts powerful and compact. It is a double electric pump that uses a two phase system to simulate a baby nursing. These two phases can be adjusted to your preference and comfort. I found that when I upgraded to this pump my pumping time was cut in half. 


The upgraded breast shields are surprisingly comfortable.  The pump comes with two sizes of PersonalFit Flex™ breast shields. These are unique because they have soft rims and an oval shape for a better fit. Compared to older models, these you can barely feel. To maximize comfort and go hands-free, I use the Easy Expression Bustier. So instead of counting down the minutes left of pumping, you can focus on other things. 

Easy to Clean 

There are few parts – which not only make it simple to use, but makes it easy to clean. I sanitize after each use so few parts is something that I value greatly as another time saver. 

Bottle Stands 

I never knew how much I needed bottle stands until I had them. We’ve all heard the saying, no use crying over spilled milk – and as any nursing mom can tell you – the person that made that up was not a breastfeeding mother. This is why the bottle stands make life better – they make sure your milk doesn’t spill, and neither do your tears. 

Insurance Coverage

To find out whether your insurance covers this pump, visit the Mom’s Room Concierge. 

Pump In Style With MaxFlow

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