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My husband jokes that I have the type of style that wears a concert shirt to the concert. While you may think this could be an insult, (of course I’ve done that – has anyone ever had a bad time in the history of concerts doing just that?), I feel elated that my husband truly understands me. Because here is the thing, I wear clothes that bring on excitement and joy. 

So here I am years later, less concerts, more theme parks. The same logic applies, wear clothes that are comfortable and help you build that excitement. Legoland, with all of its inspirational color, had our senses tingling. Melissa and I planned our outfits the second our trip to Legoland became official. So here they are: 

Our Legoland Looks

We chose comfortable pieces that stayed true to our respective styles. But probably one of our most fun pieces of the day, were the pink turbine air neck fans by Husssh. They are light enough to wear comfortably all day. 

The Sneakers

The most important piece of clothing for a theme park day are your shoes. We did quite a bit of walking and our sneakers stayed true. 

Lego Looks For Boys

This Lego x Adidas collaboration was picture perfect for the day. However, I ordered the wrong sizes so my kids did not get to wear these outfits on the day. 

The Baby Gear

Baby gear takes on an even greater role during a theme park outing. My son split time between the carrier and the stroller. I couldn’t be happier with the new BabyBjorn carrier, however my stroller, although it functions flawlessly, I wish it came in animal print. 

Travel Gear 

Our son loves to pack for himself. Starting with his toys, so we always let him bring his own bag. His current favorite is this Seersucker Backpack by Nikiani. It is lightweight and versatile, and most importantly, fits just the right amount of toys. 

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