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Recently my savvy aunt told me she received an epic compliment on her “mask eyes.” Intrigued, I asked what she meant. At the doctor’s office earlier that day a nurse told her she had “the most beautiful mask eyes.” In a time when eye makeup feels pointless because a mask is covering half the face so I never feel quite put together, it’s groundbreaking. I too wanted to elevate my face mask game with great mask eyes. 

Meet Beauty Expert Lauren 

So I consulted someone who knows about makeup, Lauren Funderburk, makeup artist and beauty blogger at The Lavender Magnolia to walk us through eye makeup tips when wearing a mask for eyes that really pop.

Get Creative

For now, masks are here to stay. So Lauren’s initial advice is to look at a mask as a new accessory and an opportunity to get creative with makeup.  “Luckily, masks still allow our eyes to be seen, so my first tip is of course to play your eyes up,” she added. Here are Lauren’s five tips to play up the eyes:

1. Start With The Skin

Beauty always begins with skin, so make sure that the entire orbital eye area is moisturized, smooth, and even.  Prep the skin with a lightweight hydrator, like Sulwhasoo Bloomstay Vitalizing eye cream.  This cream comes with an applicator that you can use to gently massage the area under the eye that is prone to puffiness.  Eyes instantly look more awake and smoother and your makeup will wear best on hydrated skin.

2. Brighten the Eyes

Almost everyone benefits from a little brightening under the eyes, so begin with makeup application.  If you just need a little light, I have been loving The Pearl Illuminating Treatment by Tatcha.  If you need to do some more serious concealing, Cle De Peau concealer SPF 25 is the classic (I use it daily).  It’s always best to start with a little concealer, and layer to build coverage as needed. 

eye makeup with face mask

Sulwhasoo Bloomstay Vitalizing CreamThe Pearl Illuminating Treatment by Tatcha | Cle De Peau concealer SPF 25

3. Eye Shadow + Liner Combination 

Don’t be afraid to use a bit of shimmer.  You can concentrate it to the lid, or even just add a touch to the tear duct area to add a bit of light and interest.  The tear duct option is a great way to still wear shimmer even if you deal with any crepiness in the lid area.  Pair this with a thin dark black pencil or liquid liner on the top lash line, staying very close to the lash to define the eye naturally.  Then do a light beige or even light gold liner on the bottom lash line to keep everything bright and open, since the mask is already breaking up the lines of the face.

eye makeup with face mask

4. Build Lavish Lashes 

I’m a lash girl always, but especially for mask eyes! A coat of primer builds and conditions lashes, and lately I have been obsessed with Marc Jacobs primer.  Then follow immediately with a nice dark wet black mascara, like the Marc Jacobs Volume Mascara

eye makeup with face mask

Primer | Mascara

5. Choose Long-wear lips

It took me forever to remember not to load up on gloss before having to put on the mask – I’m such a gloss person!   A long-wear lip color, like Chanel’s Ultrawear or Westman Atelier Lip Suede are perfect for beneath a mask.  I always still want to have on lip color, and I think for many people it’s just part of feeling put together and more “normal.”

Chanel’s Ultrawear | Westman Atelier – Lip Suede

eye makeup with face mask

Now that you have the eyes, get the chains