Welcome to Daytona Beach Mom’s “Mom of the Moment” feature, where we celebrate our extraordinary, local mamas!  

This month’s feature is Ormond Beach resident, and marketing guru Brittani Preschel.  Originally from Hackettstown, NJ (where M&Ms are made), Brittani and her two children live in a beautiful 1925 historic home, built for John Rockefeller’s dentist when staying in Ormond Beach for long periods of time. 

Meet Brittani

Brittani is mama to Max, 9 and Leah, 4 and the founder and CEO of D2 Advertising, a full service marketing company. 

What is D2 Advertising?

Founded in 2013, D2 Advertising’s specialty is “the digital space – Facebook, Youtube pre-roll, website design, branding development, flash animation, and SEO.”  In 2014, the company was invited to be part of a Google pilot program for small agencies. At that time, most agencies “were stuck in 1st gear on digital and still focused on old school platforms like print and direct mail. So D2 was a reference to 2.0, like Digital 2.0 strategies. Of course, like iPhone we are now on iOS 14 or 15 so you know how fast the technology moves now…”

Tell us what you’ve learned about being a mom: 

That it is totally okay to admit that it takes a village. In order to run a business, and raise two amazing kids it takes a village. Learning to ask for help, advice, comfort, and support has been the biggest lesson.

Next vacation (dream/reality):  

There were so many cancelled this year that I’m a little gun shy. I’d like to have a spa moment in Sedona or Santa Fe. Bucket list: seeing the Northern lights.

Favorite podcast: 

There’s one called Make New Mistakes. And it stops me in my tracks. I’m a perfectionist, clearly, so encouraging someone to try new things and fail or misstep is a crazy notion for me. But I like the approach. I like the idea of it. And when I reflect on personal and professional choices, making new mistakes is really what grows my character, my grace, and my humility.

Advice you would tell your 25-year-old self: 

Be in the Brittani business. Be you. Be weird. Be quirky. Be honest. Accept who you are and follow that voice inside. The more I have just been me, the more successful (and peaceful) I have become.

Role model:

My beautiful grandmother, MeMa. Raised 8 children, buried 3 husbands and 1 child, and looked like Doris Day til the day she died. 

What’s the one item that you don’t leave your house without? 

Sunglasses that match my outfit. Mini travel flosser things. Business cards. Ok that’s 3.

Favorite local restaurant: 

Wild Rabbit. OMG the Coco Loco is out of this world. I can’t get enough.

The last book you couldn’t put down:

Two Days Gone. Good murder mystery. Need escape in books.

Most used emoji: 

The strong arm flex muscle.

Your go-to layering piece: 

Pashminas. In every color and pattern.


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