We are thrilled to once again be teaming up with our go-to hostess to share her favorite tips for hosting the ultimate halloween fete. Thematic decorated, mom, and party enthusiast Kate Randall was “100% inspired by (son) James“ to create this detail-packed Halloween party.

Kate, James and her daughter Lucy, created a huge selection of spooky sweet treats, many of which you’ll probably want to steal for your own Halloween bash.

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If your goal is to throw a spooky-yet-sophisticated soirée, we’ve got you covered. From spooky charcuterie boards to deliciously frightening desserts, we promise you’ll find something that will inspire you next festive fête.  Here are Kate’s 10 thoughtfully-designed details to elegantly upgrade your Halloween Party – because getting into the spooky spirit doesn’t mean you have to forfeit good taste

1. Make Your Front Steps  October Magazine Cover Worthy

Make the most of fall’s most loved colors for a front porch display that screams autumn (and Happy Halloween!). To Kate, the front door is the most important in terms of decorating and it’s the first place she decorates. She focuses on making sure people who drive by her home can see all of the outdoor decor.

 Not only does she take pictures to review the space, but she stands across the street to make sure everything looks perfect from all vantage points. Kate loves plants and focuses on greenery when designing her outdoor space.  The entryway is a combination of vibrant plants incorporated with orange and white pumpkins.  As a rule of thumb, Kate suggests clustering plants by “two groups on each side”.  

2. Elegantly Spooky Stairs

When draped over a grand staircase, and accented with spiders, in a creepy way, nothing looks more elegant than a spiderweb staircase.  Kate’s son, James, typically initiates the entire Halloween decorating process, but the staircase was his total brainchild.  “James gets me motivated and has so many ideas.”  

Take it a step further and set the macabre mood by decorating your light fixtures with cobwebs.  The kids will love giving your house’s light fixtures a scare!

3. Greet Guests With Ghoulish Treats 

We can’t get over all of the sweetness found at this Halloween Party.  The party is packed with decorated cookies, mini pudding graveyards,  and, of course, candy.

This wicked party is filled with other bewitching details. Don’t miss the creative food ideas like the hot dog mummies and the individual charcuterie cards – both adorable and “Covid conscious!”

Another brilliant idea by James; give guests treat bags! 

4. Welcome to the Wicked Woods

Who says a Halloween party must take place indoors? Kate brought the party outside with both decorations, and a table set up for eating and crafts.  With jack-o-lantern planters with fresh vines coming out of the eyes,  it was a fabulous way to usher in the holiday.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (Florals)

Flowers always amplify the elegance factor in any party, no matter the occasion or theme. For Halloween, opt for the darker and richer colors of autumn.  A mix of dark red flowers and Inky tones are simultaneously seasonal and luxurious.

6. Spooky Shelfie

Consider a spooky bookshelf a subtle alternative to an over-the-top mantel. Here, Kate added small accents to her year-round setup, making it the perfect place to curl up and read a festive tale. 

7. Versatile Vignettes

A vignette is an easy way to add festive flair to your space without going overboard. But when it comes to this decorating idea, curation is key.  Kate offset a metallic mirror tray with two skeleton wine glasses paired with a sweet stuffed vampire sitting on a pumpkin.   

Another trick? Create that Halloween vibe by swapping out your everyday throw pillows with festive pillows.

8. A Little Taste Of Everything

Assigned seats never looked so creepy. Kate’s Dining room table has a little taste of everything. The rich metallic and black chargers bring elegance, the skeletons and pumpkins add a touch of fun, and of course the black lace runner ties it all together.

According to Kate, “I love entertaining and having people over.  It’s what I live for.  I love being surrounded by friends and family and that inspires me to decorate and have everything perfect for them.”  

9. Get Cozy With Candles

Eerie, cozy, romantic, warm – candles have endless possibilities in any occasion so don’t rule them out of your Halloween party. From full candelabra to small votives, you’ll surely find a way to style the candles suitable to your preferred Halloween vibe.

The intersection of sophisticated and spooky is lit with tons of glowing candles.  Your house will look (and smell!) boo-tiful.

10. Halloween Crafts

Bring an eerie silence to your party with Halloween crafts kids can keep as mementos. Kate recommends prepping the craft table ahead of time to make crafting time a lot easier for the kids. According to Kate, Arts and crafts are a great activity to help keep the kids busy during the party, so parents are able to catch up with each other. 

The kids loved sitting at the craft table outside and leaving their projects on the table to dry while enjoying  the rest of the party. 

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