There are many ways to expose your little explorer to the tidings of each season.  Our favorite is through sensory bins with Imagination Station Box, the perfect pairing of seasons with sensory bins. Imagination Station Box sensory boxes provide seasonally appropriate play activities that allow little ones to learn about changes in their world.  

Each box includes a great collection of loose parts for tinker and sensory play, and gives children a beautiful invitation to create. It’s not all fun either, sensory play provides the perfect opportunity to play with a slew of hidden lessons that your child needs. Here are 6 reasons why sensory play is so important.

1. Encourages Use Of Imagination

A sensory bin is child driven. Children concentrate and focus during sensory bin play in a much different way than when they are using toys that tell them what to do or how to do it (think light up toys that talk and ask questions or apps/games).

2. Uses Tactile learning 

The foundation of sensory play is play with our senses aka tactile learning.  When a child is playing with a sensory bin, they are using multiple senses to learn about the world.

3. Development of Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are improved by manipulating small objects, dumping and scooping.

4. Aids in Language Development

Children are able to expand their vocabulary and language skills as they describe their play experience.

5. Social Skills 

Social skills are worked on by learning about sharing, playing and communicating with others while engaged in their sensory play.

6. Science and Math Skills

Children are learning about counting, sorting, measurement (capacity), estimating, spatial awareness, and cause and effect while manipulating sensory materials.  Sensory bins might seem like just bits and pieces of a future mess waiting to happen but it’s not. It’s some serious learning.

Imagination Station boxes are curated sensory boxes that will bring a smile to your child’s face, while promoting simple and fun therapeutic play. Imagination is the fuel of childhood – and there are endless possibilities with these sensory boxes. Best of all… they are delivered right to your door monthly! 

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