When I found out I was having another boy, everyone had the same reaction, “oh that’s great, you won’t need anything!” In many ways, everyone was right. This was my second boy, I already have the clothes, the baby gear, and every dinosaur every discovered by man. But even though this is my second boy, he still deserves something of his own. Something to commemorate his arrival and something special that is not just a hand-me-down.

Something To Save 

I’m so grateful that I already had much of what I needed. But every baby deserves their own unique set of blankets and special toys that can later become their own heirlooms. When I found the unique blankets and baby items from GooseWaddle, I knew it was the perfect way to commemorate the arrival of our new little one. 

Blankets To Covet

GooseWaddle blankets and their special plush toys were exactly what I was looking for. Their coveted blankets could be the softest baby blankets I’ve ever touched. What makes this company extra special is that every time a blanket is purchased, the company gives a blanket to a child in need. 

Packaging Perfection 

First, it must be said that the packaging is so beautiful and well done. It has that awe factor that made even more excited for my son to arrive. It would also make an exceptional gift to an expecting friend. 

Blue Knit Blanket 

This baby blue knit blanket is heavy enough for indoor use and won’t make baby overheat. I like using it for a little tummy time as well because I love snapping pics as baby tries to live his precious head. It’s hard to work! 

Teether With Clip

One of the big priorities right now is keeping baby germ free. Having a teether that won’t fall to the ground is critical. This clip on wooden and silicone teether is perfect for when his little teeth start showing their presence!

Muslin Burp Cloths

The one thing I forgot about having a newborn is that everything is always wet. Which is why you can’t have too many burp cloths. These soft bamboo muslin burp cloths are extra thick and absorbent with many adorable designs to choose from. 

Adorable Bear Plush Doll

I gave this to my oldest son to “give” to his baby brother. It’s squishy and soft, and oh so adorable. And the best part, this whimsical bear was an effective tool in helping strengthen their newly brotherly bond. 

Bib Sets

My son’s birthday is right around the 4th of July, so to commemorate his special birthday, I knew we had to get the popsicle designed bibs. These bamboo muslin bibs are super soft and absorbent just like the burp cloths. You can’t have a successful summer birthday without popsicles! 


Blue Knit Blanket | Bear And Basil Leaves Receiving Blankets | Bear Plush Doll | Popsicles And Stripes Bib Set | Burp Cloths | Wooden And Silicone Teether


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I partnered with GooseWaddle for a review and received a product in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.