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Moving from your home is a stressful experience for adults, never mind your children. For a kid, it can be particularly stressful as they will be distressed by leaving friends and having their world turned upside down. As a parent, this can add to the many other issues you need to deal with when leaving your previous home. There are some things, however, you can do to reduce the potential problems and give your kids a better moving experience. Here are 7 tips to limit the stresses of moving with kids.

1. Pre-pave The Move 

To the extent that it’s possible, involve your child as much as you can in the family discussions leading up to a move. Let them know why you’re moving — because Mommy got a new job, or because the family needed more space. Be candid with your children and give them as much information as possible. That way they will feel like participants in the move, rather than the move being thrust upon them.

2. Have a plan

Create a moving plan for them, so they can better understand what is happening and what will be coming next. Having a plan should reduce some of the anxiety children can experience. Expect some adjustment for the kids, it’s a big life change for them too. 

 3. Be Happy, and They’ll Be Happy

At the end of the day – moving day, of course – kids are going to take a similar attitude to the relocation that you do. If you’re cheerful and upbeat, they’ll sing the same general tune.

4. Highlight Positive Results That The Move Will Have On Their Life

If you tell kids about the move and leave it at that, all they know is what they’re leaving behind: school, neighborhood kids, sports team, etc. It’s very important that parents rather emphasize what kids are moving toward, including:

  • A new school
  • A new home, with emphasis on desirable amenities that aren’t available at your old home (a backyard, a bedroom for everyone, etc.)
  • Different weather or landscapes
  • Unique features of the new town (Any children’s museums, zoos, or art museums.)

5. Avoid Packing Up Your Child’s Beloved Objects

When you’re in the thick of packing, it’s natural to want to clear away as much mess as possible. While the urge to pile those toys and stuffed animals into a box to get them out of the way “for now” is strong, it’s not the nicest approach.

At some point, your home is bound to turn into a total mess of “stuff” and boxes.  And that’s when your kids really need something to hold onto. So while it may pain you, take extra care to leave the things they love out and visible. Point blank: do not pack up their favorite blankets, toys, dishes and art supplies. 

As a new chapter is about to start and an old chapter is ending, its best to leave that brief but chaotic moment in between as familiar as possible.

moving with kids

6. Saying Goodbye

Holding a goodbye party could be a great way to bring some closure to a child’s time in school or in a neighborhood. This shouldn’t be a sad farewell party, but rather a joyful event celebrating the time spent in their home and with the people they enjoyed!

7. Hire A Moving Company 

Hire a moving company. This will eliminate the odds of injuries to yourself from heavy lifting, damage to your belongings, and most importantly, preventing the damage of mental stress. But, not just any moving company, hire a quality company that really will make your life easier, such as Infinite Moving. A family-owned business that offers residential moving services, packing services, and commercial moving services in Central Florida and surrounding areas.   

Image: Infinite Moving

Hiring a reputable moving company often results in a much safer and smoother moving process. Experienced professionals understand how to transport items that you may not, load and unload boxes, navigate staircases with ease and play furniture Jenga through doorways way better than you can. In addition, your belongings are safe and insured.

Moving with children doesn’t have to be stressful. While moving is a lot more complicated for grownups than it is for kids, it’s still stressful. Children are very sensitive to the chaos of packing up and leaving their old lives behind. Hopefully these tips for moving with children will help you reduce the pressure on them and make your new journey a fun one.

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