Even though this is not my first pregnancy, it feels like it is the first time I’ve experienced “my last week of pregnancy.” My son was born early so I never saw my due date. This time, I have a planned C-section, and I know with certainty that this is officially my last week of pregnancy. Everyone always says the last week is uncomfortable and goes slow, but here is what it is really like

I’m Useless

This last week is a true lesson in slowing down; I am totally useless. The useless feeling comes from not being able to be as active as normal and from the discomfort. It isn’t a piece of fruit I’m carrying around any more, it’s a lovable little baby that is running out of room. I am laid up and can’t do much around the house except for wait, and wait some more. So here I am, useless and helpless, waiting for the sweetest little reward ever to arrive. But I am here to report that Love Is blind is not overrated. 

Everyone Answers My Call

Anyone and everyone answers when I call, expecting it to be “the news” that the little guy is ready for his debut. After they answer the call, you can’t help but hear a slight tone of despair on the other end of the line that you only called to discuss the mundane, without any news of a newly arriving bambino. Alas, I will miss everyone jumping to answer when I call. 

The Dogs Know 

Each of our three dogs handled this week in their own unique way. Our old English bulldog, Legend, appointed herself the leader of my personal security. She’s always been our family protector but this last week she’s on high alert. Every knock, noise, or atypical disturbance Legend is by my side ready to attack. She follows me around all day and sleeps by my side. She probably knows exactly when I will go into labor. Meanwhile Loki our Pomeranian jester, is enjoying all the down time, nestled at my feet, waiting patiently for Mr. Baby. Sladki, the old man of the house and our Puggle? Totally indifferent. We really don’t deserve the wonderful companionship of dogs.

The Prepping Doesn’t End 

As a self-described planner, I never imagined I would leave anything to the last minute, and I haven’t. However, despite being ready as ever, I keep inventing new ways to prepare for the baby. I packed my suitcase, unpacked it, re-packed it, removed items, and added new items. I’ve come to terms with the fact that the prepping doesn’t end and it won’t until I have a new baby in my arms. 

The Anticipation 

The anticipation is unlike anything I’ve experienced. Knowing that some of the pre-labor pains can turn into active labor has me constantly guessing whether I will actually make it the full week. There is also anticipation in how my first born will transition into his new role as a big brother. I wonder daily what this child will be like and how he will express himself. With plenty of time to obsess over every aspect of this child’s life, the one thing I am not worried about is my confidence as a mother and in motherhood. I know to trust myself and my instincts. This is the job I was meant to do, above all. 

How To Handle Two

As much as I am ready, most of this week I spent lost in thought wondering how I will handle two children. I worry that I will have to miss moments with my first born. Before, it always felt like we had unlimited time but now that that has changed and my time will be split. That special time together, where it’s just us is coming to an end. I know we will learn how to do this, together. Just like my first taught me how to be a mother, my second will teach me how to be a mother of two. 

I Can’t Wait To Meet You 

There are two things I know for certain. First, the last week of pregnancy is officially the longest week of the calendar year. Second, I am so ready to meet this sweet little baby and complete our family. The joy in knowing it will be so soon is unmatched and I imagine soon enough we will wonder how we ever lived without you. See you soon little one, we can’t wait to meet you. 

Meanwhile, my bags are packed! Check out what I packed in my hospital bag

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