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There is one thing about childbirth I did not want to leave until the last minute, and that is what to pack in the hospital bag.  The first time around, I forgot a lot of items that would have made my hospital stay a lot more comfortable and brought other items that were completely unnecessary. So this time, I am ultra prepared and confident that I have everything I need (and a few items for comfort). Here is my my complete list of what to pack in the hospital bag:

Essentials First

When packing my bag, I packed all the important documents first: insurance card, pre-registration information, our cord blood collection kit, and our custom wooden name plate. The rest I divided up below. 

For Mom:

Nurse Friendly Gowns

There is something so comforting about being able to change out of the hospital gown and into your own clothes. Last time I did not plan to have a C-section, and so all I packed was leggings. This time, I am a scheduled C-section and know that the only thing I will want to wear are nurse-friendly loose gowns. Here are the ones in my bag:

Nursing Nightgown by Ekoaer 

what to pack in hospital bag

This nurse-friendly gown is soft and loose. Not only have I been wearing it while pregnant, but I love that I can continue to wear it postpartum. 

Lace Trim Nursing Nightgown by Motherhood Maternity

what to pack in hospital bag

I have this gown in a few colors and packed two in my hospital bag. This gown is very versatile with clip down nursing straps, making it very easy to nurse. 

CozyChic Lite Cardigan by Barefoot Dreams

what to pack in hospital bag

Rather than pack a robe, I packed this cozy and buttery soft cardigan. This was a gift from a veteran mom and as someone who does not frequently wear robes, is something I know I will wear again and again. The best part about this cardigan is that it will create the appearance of looking  more “put together” rather than still in my pajamas (which I will be in). 

Plush Slippers by Vionic

what to pack in hospital bag

These plush faux fur slippers are great and easy to walk in. They will bring a little slice of home to the hospital room. 

Non-Skid Socks by Kindred Bravely

what to pack in hospital bag

The hospital socks get ruined pretty quickly so having a second pair of non-skid socks is important. Why not make them fun? 

Barefoot Dreams Cozy Blanket

what to pack in a hospital bag

Unfortunately, I do not own a Mary Poppins’ bag, so I had to choose between this blanket and towels. The choice was easy, although towels would have been lovely, I chose this blanket to pack because it will help facilitate the bond between my son and I. I can’t wait to cozy up skin-skin and bond with my new baby, and this Barefoot Dreams blanket will make us feel right at home. 

Luxe Nursing Pillow by Boppy

what to pack in hospital bag

I upgraded this time around to the Boppy Luxe version of their nursing pillow, and I’m so happy I did. The pillow is so soft and will be so helpful as I recover from the C-Section while nursing my son. 

For Dad:

The Tech

My husband is going to be in charge of the camera, tech, and gadgets. Here is what I packed for him: 

Canon Camera 6D

what to pack in hospital bag

Cell phones have came a long way but I still prefer photos shot on my “real camera.” Without knowing whether or not hospital photos will be offered, I decided to pack my camera and best low light lens. The great thing about the Canon 6D is that it shoots great in low light and you don’t need a flash (when I’m shooting my son for the first time, I don’t want there to be any flash). 

Best Low Light Lens: Sigma 50mm

what to pack in hospital bag

This lens stays on my camera so of course it will be accompanying us to the hospital. Although it is a larger lens, knowing that the hospital will not have great lighting, this lens will get the job done. 

Easy To Use Phone Tripod

what to pack in hospital bag

There is something aspirational about bringing a portable tripod to the hospital. But, in the event that we decide to do a family photo with our newest addition, I wanted to make sure we can capture that moment. This tripod is hassle-free as far as tripods go and doesn’t take up much room in the bag. 

Portable Battery Packs

what to pack in hospital bag

Our goal is to stay juiced and ready with portable battery packs. Now that no visitors are allowed into the hospital, I want to make sure our phones stay charged so we can stay in touch with family and friends. 

Chargers With Long Cords

what to pack in hospital bag

Long gone are the days where we accept short Apple chargers. This variety pack will ensure that we have every length we need to charge our phone with speed while in the hospital. 

For Baby: 

This sweet boy is a summer baby, so I am not worried about all the socks and extra layers as I was for my first born. This time, my main concern is bringing items that are breathable and light. 

Sleeper Gowns by Burt’s Bees

what to pack in hospital bag

This organic gown and hat set are perfect for the day home. No fuss and super soft is exactly the outfit I would like to bring my son home in.

Sloth Bodysuits by Carters

what to pack in hospital bag

I packed a few of these as a back up, just in case the gown is too warm. Florida with its unpredictable weather made me want to make sure I had something extra breathable and light just in case. 

Muslin Swaddle Blankets by Aden + Anais

what to pack in hospital bag

These Bamboo Viscose blankets are ultra soft and breathable, ideal for the hot summer. I love using the hospital blankets as keepsakes and possible shadow boxes, so bringing our own blankets to ensure those don’t get overly worn while in the hospital is important to me. 


what to pack in hospital bag

Aside from the main toiletries, I purchased a few travel size items to pack in my bag:

What is in your hospital bag? We would love to know! 

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