The coronavirus pandemic may physically be isolating us, but I am closer than ever to the people in my life. Let’s face it. It was a one-two punch when schools closed and we were thrust into a world of homeschooling. And then many of our businesses were closed and shortly thereafter we were asked to shelter in place.

These were all serious shocks to our everyday lives. But when the shock wore off (albeit very slowly) I was able to adapt to a “new normal” and develop a new routine. I was also able to gain a new perspective. As a person who was always on the go and making plans, it was frightening – yet liberating – to have zero distractions and zero time commitments.

Instead of texting friends like I had pre-pandemic, we were now calling each other and chatting on the phone more often. I found myself FaceTiming with family more frequently and we started doing “mega family” zoom sessions.  Instead of rushing to school every morning, we were savoring our time by staying in our jammies longer and enjoying more leisurely breakfasts.

But what really changed our perception on current circumstances were the small random acts of kindness.

It started with a friend dropping off a Jojo Siwa care package for my daughters, and then she and her husband cooked us dinner and dropped it off. Then another friend dropped off a bottle of rose she thought I would enjoy, along with a homemade Passover dessert. Another friend continues to drop off vegan donuts to my doorstep because she knows the girls and I love them. For Easter, one of my friends laid eggs out on our lawn for the girls to go out and find.

Each one of these moments made me emotional. Why? Because  although small, they were all done with the sole purpose of bringing joy to our lives. They were all sweet and unexpected surprises, coming from a place of love and genuine kindness. 

And similar to Coronavirus, kindness is also contagious. 

When someone brightens your day, it sparks such a feeling of gratefulness. And then you feel compelled to return the favor by brightening someone else’s day.

If you can look deep within the roots of this dark and ugly infection, past the fear and uncertainty,  you can see a tiny beautiful light growing. It’s there that friendships are growing closer than ever, busy parents are reconnecting with their equally busy children, and neighbors are supporting the small businesses that are still open. 

Even in the midst of a pandemic, I can see the best in humanity. Kindness is going to carry us through this challenging time. And although kindness alone can’t keep us physically healthy, it can help us with feeling lonely and isolated during social distancing. While we are far away from each other, it’s kindness that will keep us together.

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Feature photo artwork by Ashleigh Verrier. Follow her on Instagram