From the time they were old enough to grab objects, my girls have had an affection for sunglasses. They both love the “look” of wearing sunnies, and coupled with a major dislike of having the the sun in their eyes, you would be hard pressed to find a moment where the girls left our house without wearing their beloved sunnies.

There are so many cheaply made sunglasses out there, and we are guilty of buying them.  And although they may look adorable, they seem to last just a season (if that).  So when I was looking for a replacement for the latest cheaply made style that was destroyed,  I was thrilled to come across a pair that was not only safe, but carried an iconic look, only reimagined for young eyes.


WeeFarers Look Cool

Obviously, so-named because they’re kid-friendly wayfarer-style sunnies. These chic, bendable frames include FDA-approved impact-resistant lenses so kids can drop them practically anywhere and they won’t break or crack. Bonus: there’s a guaranteed free replacement for one year if they are lost or broken! Genius!


Our three kids instantly loved their new sunglasses from the moment they put them on. They ran around the beach wearing them – and let’s note that they never once fell off due to their perfect fit – shouting how “cool” they looked, and we have to agree with them.  With so many colors to choose from, it was hard finding only one, but we couldn’t go wrong with the white, tortoise, and black for our two girls and boy.  And as an added bonus, the sunglasses came with a protective carrying pouch so all of us are able to throw them right into our beach bags for a fun filled day.  


Looking Good Isn’t Enough

WeeFarer sunglasses also have some solid built-in sun protection.  They provide 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays, and are completely BPA free. The WeeFarers we chose have Polarized lenses that reduce eye strain and minimize glare from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Perfect for the pool, boat, and beach! 

WeeFarer sunglasses are a great choice to help introduce young children to the healthy habit of protecting their eyes from the sun. And trust us when we tell you, you will appreciate WeeFarers’ thoughtful durability, especially in the iron grip of a flailing toddler. 


Polarized WeeFarers


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