There is something so sweet about a mother’s bond with her little boy. I always heard that but didn’t really know what it meant until I had my son. Maybe it would have been the same if I had a girl, I’ll never know, but there is one thing I do know, there is something so special between me and that little boy.

Maybe I always was meant to be a boy mom. All I hoped for was a healthy baby and the universe brought me my son and now once again I’m expecting a boy. A mom of boys is all I know. So far I’ve learned what people said is true, there is something so special about a mama’s bond with her little boy:

He Matches My Energy 

An active person myself I match his endless energy (as boys are known for), being active right along with him. Its the most natural thing in the world. The first time he was able to play catch felt like my proudest athletic achievement, as he laughed with delight. NCAA record be dammed. 

He’s The One I Greet The Day With

As the early risers of the house, he’s the first one I talk to in the morning (no quiet time around this one). No matter how tired I feel, that “Hi Mommy,” and infectious smile when I wake up instantly brightens my mood. His eternal happiness is contagious. And I know no matter what happens that day, everything is good in my life (or at least nothing can be that bad) because of that sweet little boy.

He’s  Always Honest With Me

He is the one who keeps it absolutely honest and real with me. “Mommy you have white and brown hair.” Thanks kid we call those sparkles, as I my make next call to my hairdresser. 

He’s My Radio

Driving down the road I used to listen to classics, Britney, Gaga, and Justin. Now the bass trembling from the back is my son. Creating his own hip remixes to the classics. My new radio makes car rides far more interesting.

moms and little boys

He Keeps Me Humble

He keeps me humble. “Mommy you are pretty not beautiful.” It’s never good to go through life with a huge head, we all need that someone who keeps us in line. For me, it’s my son. 

The Sweetest Bond

The part that I couldn’t know before experiencing it first hand, was the supernatural sweetness that he shows me. It blows me away everyday. He’s so protective already and tries to always fix my problems, just like his dad. A squeezing hug, sweet kiss, and an “I love you so much mommy,” and I can’t help but be completely lost in adoration for my little son. 

One day he will have his own life and family. I know he will be the man we’ve prepared him to be. But no matter what he will always know, he has a place in my home and most importantly, my heart. Because there is nothing more special than the bond between a mama and her little boy (no matter how big he grows to be). 

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