Dads – We’ve all been there. You’re out in the field executing a mission with your team, when one of your junior team members comes under fire. You’re not sure what to do, you hesitate, you start taking friendly fire from your own team member, and now the collateral damage has spread from his uniform to your own. If this sounds like you, it’s time to introduce the Tactical Diaper Change to your everyday operations.

The goals of the Tactical Diaper Change are simple – return your team to the mission as fast as possible, while minimizing fratricide. Here’s how it works.

1. Ensure The Scene Is Safe

Cover and move to a safe location. A flat surface where you can mitigate any risk of roll induced falling. This will be critical to complete your subsequent assessments.

2. Head To Toe, Treat As You Go

Perform a head to toe assessment of all uniform items, to determine what can be salvaged. If anything is damaged beyond repair, remove it now.

3. Prep Your Field Dressings

Similar to tourniquets, studies show that every second counts when it comes to applying a new diaper. Get your new diaper out, unfolded, and under the baby before you even think about removing the old one. Have your wipes in the ready position.

4. Execute Diaper Swap

The moment you un-velcro the expended diaper, its go time. This is not the time to think, second guess, or overanalyze. Wipe the mess, slide out the old diaper, and affix the new one. The clock is ticking, and you’re already on borrowed time. The goal is not to get the new diaper perfect – the goal is to get the new diaper installed and reduce your exposure to seconds to limit any further casualties.

5. Check All Interventions

Once the diaper has been safely secured, now is the time to go back, check for proper fit, ensure all flaps are pulled, and replace any faulty uniform items.

6. Return Your Troop To Battle

You’ve survived this round – but don’t rest on your laurels. Restock your inventory, as your next engagement is surely only moments away.

tactical diaper change

Harrison is the father to Wesley, husband to Kayla, and serves as a Surface Warfare Officer and Search and Rescue Swimmer in the US Navy. He is stationed in Jacksonville, Florida and will pursuing an MBA at the Yale School of Management this fall.

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tactical diaper change
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