Thanksgiving is a great reminder to encourage our children, and ourselves, to practice gratitude. The lessons of Thanksgiving need not be limited to this week either, this practice can become part of a regular routine just by asking your children simple questions daily about what they are grateful for. This practice will encourage children to build empathy, appreciate what they have, and honor those who help them on a daily basis. 

It’s not just for the children either, its for the adults too. It’s a healthy reminder to acknowledge what makes us happy and feel joy, frequently. This isn’t an exercise in frivolity either, research shows that giving thanks and practicing gratitude makes people happier. And likewise, our children will mirror that behavior. 

This Thanksgiving we began a new tradition in our home, by asking our little ones what they are grateful for. Here is what they had to say. 


My two year old more often than not when asked what he is thankful for responds with Loki. I’m sure my son is thankful for the trickster god of Norse mythology but he is referring to our happy fun loving Pomeranian that brings spunk to our household and a personality that lives up to his name. And my bug loving son is also thankful for cockroaches, please don’t tell him we hire exterminators. 



In a year filled with hard experiences and unanswered prayers, I’ve ended up exactly where I need to be. Only through traveling the broken unplanned road can you end up where you need to be. I’m grateful for the path that led me here, good health, and family. 


Melissa’s youngest responded she is grateful for something we all can agree on, birthday cake. Same girl same. She is also thankful for her Anna dress. It’s the little things that sometimes make us the happiest and enjoy life more. 


Melissa’s oldest is grateful for “my baby sister.”  There really is nothing like sharing life with a sibling, you always have someone to tell your secrets to, laugh with, and hopefully shares that delicious birthday cake with you. 


I am thankful for having two happy and healthy girls, for a husband that supports everything I want or do, and for finding a voice, creative outlet, and friendship, through Daytona Beach Mom.

From our family to yours, we hope your Thanksgiving is filled with joy and the power of gratitude. 

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Photo Credits: K Van D Photography 

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