Toddlers taking on theme parks. It can scare the best of us. But it shouldn’t! SeaWorld is kid-friendly, and to prove it, SeaWorld offers many different experiences for toddlers, including rides.  Whether you like getting up close and personal with the stingrays, fixating your shark fascination, or prefer a daring amusement ride, SeaWorld has something for everyone, and most importantly, for your tiny toddler! Here are the best 5 reasons to visit SeaWorld with a toddler.

1. Up Close And Personal With Amazing Animals

Everything at SeaWorld is marine-life themed and it couldn’t be more exceptional. It is rare that anyone, let alone a toddler, to get up close and personal with creatures of the deep. SeaWorld exposes children of any age to that privilege. Two of our favorite stops were the Manta Aquarium and the Sting Ray Lagoon. 

SeaWorld Orlando

As you walk in the park, you see the huge Manta roller coaster, don’t skip over this section of the park too quickly or you will miss the Manta Aquarium. We began our day with a walk-through of the Manta Aquarium. Inside, there were 10 unique aquariums containing more than 3,000 marine animals. Our toddlers were awe-struck. 

 Manta Aquarium

We spent a substantial amount of time at the Stingray Lagoon, which houses up to 200 stingrays of all sizes. Our toddlers loved the interactive Stingray touch tank. They reached their little hands just inside the tank and were delighted to feel the stingrays swimming merrily by. 

Sting Ray Lagoon
Stingray Lagoon

DBM Pro Tip: Move aside mom, there is a step on the touch tank for toddlers to stand on so they can touch the sting rays themselves. 

Stingray Lagoon

2. We Experienced The First Amusement Ride

Even though it wasn’t technically our first amusement ride, it felt like it as we rediscovered the excitement through our toddler’s eyes. We rode Antarctica: Empire Of the Penguin; it is the best first ride for a toddler. It gives just enough of a thrill for a toddler to handle without any jerking around. You can choose between a mild or wild ride adventure, we suggest mild with toddlers in tow. At the end of the ride, you come face to face with everyone’s favorite fancy dressed bird – penguins! 

Antartica SeaWorld Orlando

The penguin area is very cold, in fact it is kept 32 degrees making it the perfect place to escape the Florida heat. But make sure you aren’t wet before entering the ride. 

Antartica SeaWorld Orlando

DBM Pro Tip: Although we skipped the shows, knowing they are one of the most exciting parts, we preferred going the pace of the toddlers. For us, it worked beautifully and we were able to experience Sea World stress-free. Should you want to see a show, times are available online. 

3. We Fine Dined 

We had plenty of expectations for our Sea World adventure, but fine dining wasn’t one and we couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. The elevated menu offered items from filet mignon to tempura shrimp. In addition to the five star quality food, we dined with a window to the most feared but fascinating creatures of the deep. It is difficult to know whether the adults or our own baby sharks enjoyed this experience more. 

Shark Grille SeaWorld Orlando

DBM Pro Tip: Before you visit, reserve a spot in the priority seating to make sure you get the best view in the house.

4. We Came Prepared

There is no reason to wing it. We came prepared. Being prepared for anything is a parent’s mantra for for success. And with toddlers, we came duly prepared. We came with snacks, a double Bob stroller (yes double strollers are allowed), fans, and anything else we thought we might need. 

SeaWorld Orlando

DBM Pro Tip: There are not secured locations to lock a stroller. We parked our stroller in the designated stroller parking, and used the nearby lockers for our personal items. Next time plan to bring a locker lock, like the Buggyguard. Here are some other tips we learned along the away: 

  • Remember where you park. In the excitement of the arrival, it is all too easy to not pay attention to the parking location. Take a quick photo of your location or drop a pin to make the ride home simple.
  • Extra Attire. Bring a change of clothes, it is SeaWorld, things can get wet. 
  • Cover Up. There is not much shade as you stroll through the park so be prepared for hot weather! It is Florida, so make sure you dress accordingly with hats plenty of Sunscreen
  • Hydrate. Bring your own water bottle that you can refill in the park. If you forget, no problem the park sells water bottles throughout the park. 
  • Snacks. You can bring your own food inside the park, but there are also plenty of food options inside the park that accommodate for allergies such as a for gluten free or other allergies. (Confirm)

5. We Want To Go Again

We don’t just want to go back, we can’t wait to go back. This fact blew us away and we already planned our next trip to experience SeaWorld Spooktacular. The bottom line is that this is a fuss-free theme park that makes your child’s (and your inner child’s) dreams come true. 

SeaWorld Orlando
SeaWorld Orlando

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