It is hard to believe it, but back to school season is here! It is time to stock our children’s closets with vibrant, modern, and versatile clothing. But this year we looked for something a little different, we wanted something that made a statement just like our spunky toddler. So before you go purchasing another polo, checkout Rags for something with a little extra swag to add to your little one’s closet this year.

Shark Bait

You may have heard of Rags as they appeared on Shark Tank a few years ago. Rachel Nilson went from sewing Rags in her parent’s basement to receiving three offers from the sharks on Shark Tank. It’s safe to say we are cult followers of this ultimate mom entrepreneur and awesome brand. 

Toddlers With Attitude

What first caught our eye about Rags was the unconventional style. The rompers are hip with attitude, just like my toddler, which is why this year I filled his closet with a couple Rags pieces to rock out and look cool in all year long. As an added bonus, many of the pieces are gender neutral styles, so they are easy to pass down to siblings.

Jump Around

Toddlers need to be able to run, jump, and climb. The Rags design allows your toddler to move with ease. The fabric is soft and stretchy allowing your kid to play hard and lounge comfortably. What’s not to love about your toddler running around all while making a hip fashion statement, duh.

Shorten The Morning Struggle

Whether it is a shirt or shoes, getting dressed has become a dreaded chore – until now. Which is why the best part is the functionality of these pieces, there is zero hassle because there are no buttons, zippers, or other hindrances to getting dressed. The onesies have a patent pending neckline that won’t stretch out and are easy to pull on and off over the head.

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