It is summer and we live in Florida. With temperatures soaring into the 90’s―even 100’s―and the accompanying humidity, it’s safe to say we’re all a little hot at the moment. Nevertheless, there are ball games to cheer at, cookouts to attend, and fireworks to watch. A handheld fan is as crucial to surviving the hot weather as sunscreen and stylish sunnies.

handheld electric fan
handheld electric fan

The Buggygear 3 Speed USB Rechargeable Crew Cool Fan is a cool (no pun intended) portable fan that is perfect for taking everywhere this summer. From the park to the beach, it will help you keep your chill during even the most sweltering weather.

handheld electric fan

Inexpensive and lightweight, this three speed and multi-functional beauty can conveniently attach to almost anything – such as your stroller, wagon, beach chair, and even a car seat. And thanks to its silicone grip, tiny sweaty/wet hands have no problem holding onto the fan.

handheld electric fan

The Palm Beach Crew Fan is the perfect travel companion because not only does it provide a cool breeze, but it’s also turns into a handy built-in flashlight. One of our favorite features is that it doesn’t require batteries – so you don’t have to worry about running out during your outing. Simply charge it with the included USB cord. Each full charge can power the fan up to 6 hours on 1st speed, 5 hours for 2nd speed, and 4 hours on 3rd speed.

handheld electric fan

3-Speed Crew Cool Fan – Pink | 3-Speed Crew Cool Fan – Blue


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