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Hair accessories are back in a big way. If you’ve been paying attention to Instagram, you’ve noticed every fashion influencer and celebrity is sporting one unexpected accessory: headbands.  Those thick 90’s style headbands I once adored and relied on made a major resurgence back in 2018. This year the trend is spreading – and we’re here for it! 

lele sadoughi headband

Remembering The Headband  

I grew up in Connecticut, and how cliché of me – my all time favorite accessory was the preppy headband. As a little girl with thick chunky bangs, headbands were a staple in my wardrobe. Not only were they the quintessential New England “look,” but they helped keep hair out of my eyes while playing sports, kept those bangs at bay throughout summer camp, and of course – they were my crutch when I finally was granted the glorious moment of growing out those pesky bangs in middle school. After that, I eventually stopped wearing headbands as often or not at all; until this past winter.

lele sadoughi headband

Meet Lele Sadoughi

Although you may not know Lele Sadoughi’s name (yet), you certainly have seen her work.  For us, this is one designer who changed the mane game.

lele sadoughi headband

Lele Sadoughi’s gorgeous knotted headbands have amassed a loyal following because of the insane way it elevates any look. Her bedazzled headbands are made from lustrous materials, and her knotted detail adds effortless volume.

lele sadoughi headband

For mornings where it feels like you are dashing to school drop off, throw any one of her styles on and it will instantly polish any outfit. Whether it’s a good hair day, or a hair day worthy of hiding from, popping on a jeweled headband will immediately make you feel and look put together. These headbands are the unsung style hero that will be on repeat all season.

Leave behind all former notions of the headband being just for those whose outfits trend preppy, because Lele Sadoughi’s headbands are proof that they’re just as wearable with an edgy outfit as they are with a feminine ensemble. Look for her silk, leather, or velvet headbands for a luxe vibe, shop her crystal encrusted and pearl-adorned versions for a glam look, or opt for tie-dyed pastel confetti beads for a boho feel.

It’s not just Lele. Major brands such as Miu Miu, Prada, & Dior have embraced these headwear pieces. From the beach to the boardroom, just like a pair of Jennifer Fisher Gold Hoops, headbands can be your go to accessory that makes your outfit complete. Although we may never know what it is like to wear a crown, we do know what it is like to wear a stunning headband, and we can imagine it feels just as good as a crown.


  • You can throw on a headband with almost any hair style or hair length, but the key to making the look work is having lots of texture and volume in your hair. Spray dry shampoo at your roots and texturizing hair spray throughout hair to make sure there’s plenty of volume behind the headband.

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