Ed. Note:This is the latest installment in a series of posts on crystals created in partnership with our friend Alexandrea Lightfoot at Platinum Health, Fitness & Yoga. In case you missed the first article, checkout The New Stone Age.

Our homes are an extension of our selves, reflecting our personality,  our interests, and our energy. But without realizing it, the energy of our home can shift over time.  In a home with a family, it can feel like it is bursting with pent-up energy between yours, your partner’s, your children’s – and potentially your pet’s energy too!

Create A Space For Love & Light

The home is a place to unwind and connect with loved ones. That is why it is so important to get rid of the negative vibes with high vibe crystals. The high vibe crystals work to refill the home back up with love and light.  Whether you believe the hype or not, people have been using crystals, or “mother nature’s natural healers,” for centuries to bring good vibes and positive energy into their lives.

With hundreds of crystals on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose which ones to integrate into your home. Cue Alexandrea Lightfoot, the founder of Spiritual Syndication, who is a healer with a practice based in Platinum Health, Fitness & Yoga in Ormond Beach.

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Choose The Right Crystal For Your Home

Alexandrea is here to teach us that not all home accents are created equal.  When you’re decorating with crystals, a few additions to your space can create a surprisingly major change in your environment, both aesthetically and energetically.  Read below to check out her room-by-room guide that removes the guesswork out of these magical stones.

Rose Quartz: The Best Crystal For The Bedroom

A bedroom is an escape. It is a place that should feel safe and welcoming.
Rose Quartz activates and balances the heart center and generates a soothing, nourishing energy, and is wonderful for self-love.  With a soft energy, rose quartz soothes the remaining tensions from the day as it invokes feelings of peace and unconditional love and promotes love in relationships. By placing Rose Quartz in the bedroom, you create a nurturing and safe retreat along with atmosphere of gentle kindness.  For more Rose Quartz benefits, Alexandrea suggests placing the stone under your pillows to connect with your soul mates and loved ones in dreams.

Amethyst: The Best Crystal For The Entryway 

Recommended for peace and relaxation, amethyst is a soothing, spiritual stone that promotes chill vibes in the home. This deep violet or purple crystal is a favorite of people who want to “clear out funky energies.” 

Since it creates a “bubble of pure light” around wherever it is placed, try placing an amethyst geode in your foyer.  “The stone of Amethyst works as a great tool for purifying and protecting the environment and energies that surround you, while allowing you to tap into a divine connection by stimulating the mind,” according to Lightfoot. It can not only provide the person entering a sense of calm, but helps collect any negative or anxious energy the person may be bringing from a hectic day.

DBMOM Pro Tip: Purchasing a small amethyst crystal that is movable can make it easy to clear out old energies hidden in the back of closets! 

Citrine: The Best Cystal For The Kitchen

The kitchen is considered generally a warm and friendly place, so the crystal recommend for this room is naturally orange or yellow. According to Alexandrea, Citrine is extremely helpful with digestion and the metabolism. With its ability to support weight loss and increase energy, Citrine is a perfect candidate for your kitchen. In addition, this stone sparks the imagination helping your family around the dinner table to dream, plan and play! Alexandrea recommends placing Citrine on the window sills to fill your spirit and space up with joy as you prepare food. When the sun hits this happy stone, it will send sparkles and rainbows into your kitchen.

Clear Quartz: The Best Crystal For The Children’s Bathroom

According to Alexandrea, “Quartz is the ultimate stone for placing wishes and intentions into your space. As an amplifier this crystal heals and allows the mind to be cleared of negative blockages. A stone that amplifies all other crystals quartz is your best friend!”

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Quartz would be great for near a bathtub; it’s clear and multi-faceted, and “like water it is gentle, cleansing, pure and clean.”

Shungite: The Best Crystal For The Office Or TV Room

Modern homes are overloaded with toxic energy from EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies), emitted by computers and smartphones. Shungite’s special properties have been proven to neutralize and purify EMFs (for science buffs, check out the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry).

Since we are all attached to our cellphones, iPad’s, laptops, and other electronics, placing Shungite crystals next to the intense energy of electronics can soften the blow and help you feel more balanced and in a neutral state. Place a piece of Shungite on your desk to transform electromagnetic build up and keep your work space clear. You can also put smaller pieces of Shungite near outlets when you are charging electronics.

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Runy Fuchsite: The Best Crystal For The Playroom

Alexandrea suggests placing Ruby Fuchsite in a child’s playroom, as it’s “meant to bring mental focus to creative new spirits and energies.”

Since Ruby Fuchsite supports mental clarity, “It can aid in creating productive routines and systems, which is what makes it so useful in supporting your child’s development.” The Ruby within it enlightens the heart’s desires, making it a good tool for new beings in the world as it is “gentle for babies and their subtle energies of learning.” Perfect for clarity and problem solving, the stone has bonus energy for those that are in need of a calm subtle support, which we all know is something that every parent strives for with their child.

What is your favorite way to use crystals? 

If you have found yourself entranced by crystals, you aren’t alone! To learn more, checkout The New Stone Age


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