You probably didn’t realize it, but as you identified yourself as a “Full-Time Mom,” you diminished me as a mother.

Allow me to explain.

We’ve all encountered this scenario. We meet another mom for the first time, and invariably “work” comes up. And then it happens – that moment when another mom tells me that they are a “Full-Time Mom”… and I cringe as the message is clear that a mother that works outside the home, as I do, is a Part-Time Mom.

What does it mean to be A Full-Time Mom?

What does it mean to be a Full-Time Mom?  I am curious and I want to know.

I want to know because when my child is sick, I am up with her all hours of the night holding her and comforting her. I have never punched out for a nap break.

I want to know because when my child is going through potty training, I am camped out in that bathroom right alongside her, so I can clean up the accidents and give her a big hug when she feels defeated. I’ve never taken a personal bathroom break and asked a housekeeper to clean up the mess.

I want to know because even though I spend time working outside of the house, I am still a mom. There is nothing about motherhood that feels “part-time.”

Full-time mom working mom

Credit: Cat Runyan

At work, I am still a mother

Even when I am at work, and my little one is busy learning at school, I am still thinking about her.

Even when I am at work, I am still mentally preparing dinner in my head because it’s always a scramble once we all get home.

Even when I am at work, I am still thinking about what games we should play together while dinner is cooking.

Even when I am at work, I am still thinking about how I need to start the laundry before I start dinner, and then switch it to the dryer before bath time, so my daughter can wear her favorite purple dress to school tomorrow.

Even when I am at work, I am still thinking about my child as I make a mad dash into my office to put on lipstick and mascara, because I spent 25 minutes of my morning creating the “Elsa inspired hairstyle” my toddler insisted on having for school.

Even when I am at work, I still love my child just as much as if I were inside of our home with her.

Not everything can be given one specific title. Sometimes you come across an unconventional shape that doesn’t neatly fit into one particular box.  Isn’t that the same for motherhood?

Because even though I’m frequently frazzled, even though I’m sometimes spread-thin, and even though I sound a bit defensive; it’s because I am a mom.

Full-time mom working mom
Credit: Cat Runyan

I am not a part-time mom. No mother is. I am a mother who also  spends time working outside of our home. So next time you start to identify yourself as a Full-Time Mom, remember, wherever a mother spends her days, nothing can change the fact that she is a Full-Time Mom.


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