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Spring is almost here. That means it’s time to play outside! Be prepared for the warm weather ahead of time and stock up on outdoor toys that your busy toddler will love all season long. From our favorite outdoor stroller wagon to beach toys that are meant for little hands, we’ve rounded up our favorite outdoor toys for toddlers below:

1. T-Ball Set

Best Toddler Outdoor Toy

Hey batter batter batter… Swing! Introduce your toddler to the “national pastime” with this T-Ball Set by Little Tikes. The over-sized and lightweight bat makes it easy for your little one to understand the basics of the baseball swing. Encourage your toddler to run after the ball after hitting it for some extra laughs while you sit back and enjoy watching your toddler practice some hand-eye coordination. Don’t be afraid to heckle the batter either.

Get Little Tikes T-Ball Set

2. Water Table

Best Toddler Outdoor Toy

A pirate’s life for me! There is so much fun to be had with an outdoor water table, and particularly with this fun pirate ship-themed table. There are plenty of interactive pieces and toys that come with the table to keep your little one entertained with this water table, including the center mast which constantly flows water like a fountain.

Get Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship

3. Cozy Coupe

Best Toddler Outdoor Toy

Most people have seen the standard Cozy Coupe, but the Dino Cozy Coupe. This is the perfect outdoor transportation for your dino loving tot. It has a removable floor so your little one’s feet are protected if you decide to push your toddler around the neighborhood. My son loves honking the horn (lots of traffic in our backyard) and of course the dinosaur theme. This isn’t one your toddler will grow out of anytime soon as the weight limit is up to 50 pounds. Some of our favorite variations of this coupe are the traditional red and yellow color,  the rescue theme coupe, and  pink

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4. Bubble Blower

Best Toddler Outdoor Toy

It is a commonly known fact that toddlers love bubbles. So to give my toddler that joy, we went through a lot of bubble machines until finally finding this one. This bubble machine truly creates a “hurricane” of bubbles as evidenced by my toddler’s delighted squeals.

Get Gazillion Hurricane Bubble Blower

5. Basketball Set

Best Toddler Outdoor Toy

Perfect way to practice some motor skills and learn basketball fundamentals. The Little Tikes Basketball Set with its adjustable hoop will grow with your toddler. This kid-friendly hoop with its over-sized rim makes it possible for your little one to shoot and score.

Get Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set

6. Balance Bike

Best Toddler Outdoor Toy

There is nothing like riding a bike during the summers. And with the invention of the balance bike, children still in diapers can enjoy experience that same joy. The Strider Balance Bike teaches children balance and prepares them for riding a regular bike, along with its exhilarating freedom. 

Get Strider Balance Bike 

7.  Beach Toys

Best Toddler Outdoor Toy

Living minutes from the beach, we’ve gone through quite a few beach toys. What made this particular set stand out are the shovels designed for small hands to maneuver and the bag it comes with. So although we will have to get bigger shovels eventually, for the toddler years, these beach toys are exactly what we need for a reasonable price.   

Get Click N’ Play 18 Piece Beach Sand Toy Set

8. Veer Cruiser

Best Toddler Outdoor Toy

Springs/Summers in the south are filled with outdoor adventures. Whether it is to the beach, soccer field, or outdoor mall, toddlers do not like to sit in strollers. However, the Veer Cruiser has a solution as it gives newly independent toddlers an upright position and better vantage point to see what is going on as well as the freedom to get out of the wagon. Even the most rambunctious and anti-stroller riding toddler may enjoy a beach ride in this cruiser. Although a splurge, this wagon with its great wheels and comfortable ride, will make toddler adventures easier to manage. 

Get the Veer Cruiser

9. Up & Down Roller Coaster Ride On

Best Toddler Outdoor Toy

This ride along roller coaster doesn’t look like much, but yet it allows for hours of outdoor play. It’s 10-foot track gives a toddler just the right amount of thrill enough to go “whheeee” everytime. Your toddler can also use the ride along car without the track. 

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10. Portable Soccer Goals

Best Toddler Outdoor Toy

Soccer is one of those sports you can play anytime and anywhere. My little one loves the excitement of a goal, and these pop up soccer goals make that possible, anytime, anywhere. These portable pop up goals are perfect to place in the backyard or to bring to the beach to play the world’s most beautiful game with your toddler. For convenience they also come with their own bag for easy transport. We opted for the small nets for easier portability, however these pop up goals are available in three sizes, 2.5 ft., 4 ft., and 6ft. 

Get GolMe Pro Pop Up Soccer Goal

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