If you’ve found yourself suddenly entranced by crystals, you’re in good company. There is no denying that crystals have hit a mainstream resurgence over the past few years; Google searches for “crystal healing” have increased by 40 percent in the last four years.  In addition to being Instagram-friendly, many celebs say crystals have special healing properties that help them with manifesting desires and even curing anxiety.  From bathing in rose quartz to over $27,000 of gems in the delivery room, social media has taught us that there are plenty of ways to use healing crystals in our lives, and our children’s lives.   

You might be rolling your eyes, and thinking that clearly celebrity trends do not always translate to everyday life, but for many, the healing power of crystals are no joke.  Whether you’re a believer, a skeptic, or a “What even is the deal with crystals?” type, the question we all want to know is:

Can these sparkly crystals improve your health and state of mind?

Alexandrea (Tocco) Lightfoot is a “Modern Day Renaissance Woman,” who emphasizes the importance of both the scientific and mystical aspects of crystals. After pursuing her degree at N.Y.U., she was inspired by the work of internationally renowned author and speaker Dr. Wayne Dyer, and his “ability to touch each person with laughter and compassion.”  She “felt a deep calling to help others understand themselves and their reality” and left the theater world behind to enter the healing realm. Today, she divides her time between intuitive crystal readings, guided meditations, stone body mapping, chakra alignment, and past life regression out of her practice inside of Platinum Health, Fitness & Yoga in Ormond Beach.

Alexandrea Lightfoot of Platinum Health, Fitness & Yoga

Children + Stones (as told by Alexandrea)

Alexandrea gets stones, and she’s been busy teaching locals (and lots of mamas) that crystals are meant to do so much more than just look pretty. They have energy and tons of purported healing abilities.  “What I have always loved about these minerals is they provide a creative outlet for children to explore. They can explore the science of nature, how the crystals are created. They are tangible to hold and to rub, so they give children the ability to connect with something that is grown from the earth, sometimes over millions of years! What an incredible gift and perspective to give your children, this appreciation for something so beautiful that stems right from the ground!  Crystals also spark the natural artistry in children. With a wide variety of colors, shapes and designs you can gain so much insight about your child’s subconscious Picasso as they explore each composition of a crystal.”

When it comes to crystals for kids, Alexandrea recommends sticking with palm stones, massage wands, and polished crystals because “these styles won’t break, chip or scratch.” As important as it is for a child to have the freedom to choose stones which feel right, there are particular stones which can be helpful for certain childhood conditions. A few crystals she recommends for mamas and kids are: 

Rose Quartz

Alexandrea refers to Rose Quartz as the “ultimate pure love crystal, as it activates a mother’s unconditional love and compassion.”  It has calming energy that can be beneficial to both kids and adults, and it can be helpful for premature babies and young children who suffer with heart weakness.  She also notes that it can be used for healing during times of emotional distress.

Mamas who likes Rose Quartz: Miranda Kerr + Jenna Dewan

For Miranda Kerr, supermodel and Kora Organics founder, crystals are a lifestyle. She keeps crystals close to embrace the healing and protective powers they have to offer, even wearing one inside her bra near her heart.  Miranda’s home and garden are scattered with gemstones, and she turns to Rose Quartz specifically to attract love and heightening self-love. They are also a major part of her skincare line. “Massaging the body with a crystal helps to release tension from the body, while at the same time the stone’s healing energy is transferred to the body,” she wrote in a blog post for Kora Organics.

Source: Miranda Kerr Instagram

For Jenna Dewan, crystals are “very personal” and in the YouTube clip she spoke about her favorites including rose quartz which she uses in baths to open her heart and next to her bed at night for sleep and dreams. The mom-of-one is a massive fan of crystals and admitted she has “like 200” in her home.

Clear Quartz

Alexandrea looks to Clear Quartz when bringing clarity to the mind, and is especially helpful for children with autism.  For expectant mamas, Clear Quartz “amplifies the intentions you want to place in the creation of this being. Send those magic energies and dreams out into the world!”  If your kids suffer from allergies, Clear Quartz can aid in general healing as it is the “Master Healer” used to heal all wounds. 

Mamas who likes Clear Quartz: Kim Kardashian + Kylie Jenner

After the horrific Paris robbery in 2016 Kim turned to crystals to help cleanse her space and get rid of any negative energy. Her obsession with crystals also inspired the design for the perfume bottles in her crystal collection. “I was really inspired by healing crystals after my Paris situation. All my friends would come over and they’d bring me healing crystals,” she explained on Ellen.  “I didn’t really know anything about them. And so I started to really learn … I started to really get into the meaning and the whole spirit and energy behind it.”

Just like her big sister Kim, Kylie is a fan of crystals. The youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner family keeps quartz crystal in her glam room for good vibes. “It’s white and fits in the palm of my hand.”


According to Alexandrea,  Amethyst is useful for protection in the home or in children rooms as it clears out the negative.  Amethyst can release tension in a room, and can also calm thoughts which is helpful for children with ADHD and autism.  Fun fact: Amethyst can be soothing for pets too!

Mama Who Likes Amethyst: Kate Hudson

A quick scroll through Kate’s Instagram and it’s clear she believes in the power of crystals. In a 2018 Instagram video she shared a glimpse into her master bedroom; and in the corner was a massive amethyst.

Source: Kate Hudson Instagram  

Black Obsidian

While most crystals are good at absorbing, Alexandrea looks to black Obsidian “as a stone of protection for both mama and child”, and can repel negative energy.  This crystal helps to clear negative thoughts an attachment that prevent harmony as “it helps you to get out of your own way!”

Mama who likes Black Obsidian: Victoria Beckham

Out of all the celebrity mamas on our list, Victoria Beckham is probably the most vocal about her love of crystals. The designer has carried crystals around with her for years, having embraced her ‘spiritual’ side when she and the family moved to Los Angeles in 2007.  She always carries a Black Obsidian in her purse for strength and protection, and as given them to all her team —believing the stones help put everyone in the right frame of mind before a fashion show. ‘The glass is always half full, I’ve no time for anything negative,’ says Victoria.  She also allegedly sews special pockets into her pants to carry her crystals.

Here are some safety notes to keep in mind when letting children interact with crystals: 

  • Children should not be left unattended with crystals, and when they are not being used, they should be placed out of reach or out of sight.
  • Large crystals which are placed out of crawling or climbing reach can help to create a harmonious atmosphere for a baby’s room. However, use caution as small stones can present a choking hazard.
  • Be mindful that small pieces can fall off larger pieces, creating smaller pieces that can present choking hazards.

To learn more about incorporating stones and crystals into your life, visit Alexandrea’s website or follow her on Facebook or Instagram