I love being a mother for so many reasons. I never knew my heart could feel so full. There are challenging moments, and it’s hard, but I wouldn’t trade any of it. And some of the reasons I love being a mother the most, are the least expected. Here are some of the unexpected reasons I love being a mom.

Mom Memes

Yes I love them, and I’m not afraid of to admit it. I love finding them, sharing them, and creating them. I had no idea Mom memes were a thing before becoming a mother. And without my dear son, I would still be oblivious. Now, in whatever moment I have find myself, I know in the worst case scenario, I can make a meme out of it.

My Mom Tribe

Where would I be without my mom tribe? At first, motherhood was isolating. But then I found my mom tribe. Brought together by our children, we bonded over motherhood, sarcasm, and a little wine. Although I wasn’t friends with these mamas before I had a baby, they are now my go-to people for advice in all things motherhood and beyond. The join me in the hard moments of motherhood – encouraging me with pearls of wisdom that only another mom can give and telling me I got this. They listen to the WTF moments in motherhood, and share a related moment. It feels so good to know we are in it together. Now I can’t imagine life without my mom tribe.

Friday Nights 

 Family Friday’s. Friday nights used to be filled with happy hours and fancy dinners with my husband. Now, it looks like my husband and I running around in the backyard chasing my toddler and three dogs. My Friday vibes might not look glamorous from, but from my view, they are filled with the kind of laughter you can only experience when you are playing with a child. Because nothing makes you more present than when a child draws you in. I may not remember the last time I washed my hair (or care) and I may have toys scattered all over the house, but it doesn’t for one second take my attention away from gleefully chasing my giggling toddler. These are the moments I never dreamed of before my son was born, and now they are the moments I live for.

Help I Need My Mom

Now more than ever I find the thoughts “Help I need my mom” run through my mind. Motherhood is hard, really hard. I quickly realized I needed help, a lot of help. Fortunately my parents were right there to help because I needed them more than ever before. So quickly after my son was born, I found myself repeating the phrase “help I need my mom.” Because I had no idea what I was in for. It also makes me realize why parents don’t always agree with me or take me seriously. It doesn’t matter how prominent of a career I have or what I do with my life, my parents changed my diapers for two years, put up with my irrational temper tantrums, and managed not to disown me through the teenager years. I get it. I can’t imagine a day that my son will try to tell me what to do and I will take him seriously. Because as of now, he prefers to eat out of a dog bowl. It’s all full circle now. Thanks mom and dad.

My Relationship With My Husband

I knew my relationship with my husband would change when my son was born. But even that did not prepare for reality. We went from never fighting to fighting. Over stupid stuff. Call it the lack of sleep and added pressure of raising a child. Thankfully we had a strong bond that we’ve able to make stronger. My relationship deepened and I feel more connected to him than ever. He no longer is simply my husband, best friend, and partner in all things, he is the amazing father to my son. It’s a level of intimacy that I couldn’t understand before experiencing it. No matter what our day looks like, at the end of the day, my husband and I can exchange a simple look, of love, of joy, and of shared appreciation knowing that together we created a beautiful happy little life that made our lives complete.


He Makes Me Better

My little angel of chaos. He makes me a better person. I’m far from perfect. In fact, I never really aimed for perfect. Perhaps I was content with where I was, but I didn’t really consider the future. But now, the future is always on mind. My son motivates me to be the person I always wanted to be, but never really was able to. Whether it’s eating better (as in not eating peanut butter straight from the jar), to bigger things, like giving back to the community. In his eyes, I find the motivation to do anything that will make the world a better place for his generation.


I used to feel bad for people whose houses looked like a Toys “R” Us bomb went off. And now I get it. There is nothing more fun that giving my son toys. When I give him a new toy, his eyes widen and he shakes with excitement. It’s the equivalent of winning the lottery. I love that the smallest toy makes his whole world. And I use toys as a loose term, sometimes it’s a kitchen colander that he finds simply amazing. Whatever it is, I love watching this kid turn up with excitement with a new toy. As adults we completely forget how to channel that type of excitement. And I love experiencing that total happiness with him.



In my career as an appellate attorney, every day was filled with writing. But it wasn’t until my son was born that I started writing for pleasure and more importantly, from the heart. Instead of sitting behind a mahogany desk analyzing complex legal issues, I’m hiding in the bathroom jotting down ideas on my cell phone. But in these stolen moments, I am most in touch with myself and I’m able to write from the heart, something I was not able to do before my son was born.

I Love The Joy Of Being A Mom

I didn’t always want to be a mom. I didn’t. I’m not that mom that always knew I wanted to be a mother. Now? I cannot imagine not being a mother; it is my calling and it is the greatest thing about my life. Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes feel like dealing with my toddler is like dealing with the joker. I relate to Batman’s plight in how to solve the senseless riddles in fear of leaving a trail of desecration. But now being a mother is entrenched in my identity. Plus, I now have a reason to get out everything (guilt-trip free). 

Why do you love being a mom? 

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